Upcoming Projects


Public Property by Laura Neill.

Directed by Braxton Rae


Jinkies! or the Dog

Play by Josiah Thomas Turner. UT New Theatre Festival, March 2022

Fall the House by Nick Kaidoo

Director Braxton Rae, pc Amber Whatley

Everyone at the Atreus Housing Project is anticipating the long-rumored return of GHOST. When he does arrive, it sets off a persistently fatal chain of events. His wife NESSA is suspicious of him, his daughter ALEXUS could care less about him, a kid in the neighborhood, OLLIE, worships him, and the girl with kerosene gas dripping from her hands, KARA, is just wandering trying to find her place in it all. And where in the hell is his son BISHOP anyway? If only they could ask that fake-ass psychic, PIANO MAN. The FURIES watch this all; withholding their verdict on the violence for as long as they see fit…A liberal but homagic adaptation of Aeschylus’s Oresteia

Allse: Reflect

Directed/Devised by Braxton Rae
Reflect is a devised theatre piece which uses mirrors as a lens to analyze, critique, and reflect the practical and banal utility of and the metaphoric and poetic and political implications that mirrors hold. This piece aims to use mirrors to literally and figuratively reflect different societal implications placed on people and how they are affected by such.

Wendy and the Neckbeards

By Kari Bentley Quinn Directed by Kevin R. Free, Assistant Director Braxton Rae

Wendy, a 17 year old plus sized, body positive makeup artist with her own YouTube channel, is having her life exploded by internet trolls – represented by a Chorus of Neckbeards. Jess discovers that her long term boyfriend Chad spends his time harassing young women on the internet to “blow off steam”. From here, the two stories converge in an examination of the current era of internet harassment, toxic masculinity, and the cycle of abuse towards women in America.

Hot seat

An immersive play
A play. Borrowing its name from the game Hot Seat, in this play each character takes a turn in the ‘hot seat’ for a set amount of time where they are pelted with a barrage of questions from the other characters in the game which must be answered truthfully.


Directed/Devised by Braxton Rae
A classic (faux) Youtube style video essay about a questionable 90s era video game with a twist. In this essay we will explore the ethical implications of patient/doctor confidentiality, consent, and video games. Co-Creator: Zachariah Ezer Collaborators: Saylor Dement. Ashley Bowen. Simone Thomas. Katya Lopez. Rosanna Pineda

Prison Poem

Directed/Devised by Braxton Rae
This track focuses on a scary truth of the black experience, the Prison Industrial Complex. I have commissioned three black male writers to each write a poem starting with ‘ I think I may end up in prison.’ Writer/Collaborators: Nicholas Kaidoo, Zachariah Ezer Josiah Thomas Turner